Driving Value Through Culture, Innovation and Results

Aditya Auto’s goal is to advance mobility by enhancing automotive safety, efficiency and comfort. We do this by proactively exceeding our customers’ expectations.

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Specialized supplier of mechatronic systems, precision components, and motors to the automotive industry.

Deep vertical integration with support services of design, validation, prototyping, and tooling.

Product portfolio segmented into full system solutions and build-to-print products.

Twelve facilities in India with a global network of design & front offices.

Headquartered in Bangalore, India’s technology and innovation hub.

Enhanced capabilities and market positioning through a combination of organic growth, technology alliances, and strategic acquisitions.

Just-In-Time delivery of critical parts to over 30 OEMs & 15 Tier-1 system suppliers.

Competitive Advantages

  • Strategic Customer Relationships

    • Seek and use customer feedback to consistently drive for increased responsiveness to meet and antici

    • Display insight into customer's unstated needs and competition's moves. Translate business strategies into clear objectives and tactics.

  • Lean Supply Chain

    • Display zero tolerance to waste and complacency. Eliminate roadblocks, barriers and inefficiencies.

    • Adopt a value oriented approach to all investment and operational decisions. Allocates resources based on strategic priorityes.

  • Technology Partnerships

    • Quickly embrace new technologies to increase capabilities.

    • Embrace care for detail as the primary mindset to develop, evaluate and improve products and processes.

  • Deep Vertical Integration

    • Influence and shape decisions of others, negotiate persuasively and build common ground to create win-win results.

    • Be flexible to customize processes and redesign systems to delight and add value to customers.

  • Agile Product Development

    • Focus on the big picture and solve problems despite incomplete and ambiguous information.

    • Sensitize the team to solve problems quickly and orchestrate the pace of change to achieve the development needs.


We adopt a value oriented approach to all our investment and operational decisions. Attention to detail is our primary mindset to develop, evaluate, and improve our products and processes.


Aditya Auto was established in 1996, supplying wiring harnesses to clients in Europe and Australia.

Within 5 years, Window Regulators and Door Latches were added to our product portfolio and we have been growing ever since.


Ten manufacturing plants in key automotive hubs in India.

JIT Logistic facilities in North America, Europe, and China.

Front offices in UK, USA, Germany, Sweden, CZ, and Australia.


State-of-the-art facilities to foster world-class manufacturing, designing and supply of OEM components.

With a sharp focus on innovation, we cater to automotive manufacturers and Tier-1 suppliers.


IATF 16949:2016

ISO 14001:2015

ISO 45001:2018

VDA 6.3